TNL Big Eurovision Welcome

The National Lottery’s Big Eurovision Welcome.

Spiritland Productions rolled their audio outside broadcast truck, SpiritlandONE, into Liverpool for The National Lottery’s Big Eurovision Welcome.

It was on site to handle the full broadcast audio mix and recording of the show as well as all the production Bolero comms for producers TBI Media.

Working alongside NEP, SpiritlandONE, the audio outside broadcast truck, also helped pass various vision signals through redundant fibres over the nearly 300m distance to FOH and stage.

A complex production Bolero comms system was provided with over 75 Boleros in use at any one time. In conjunction with our friends at Plus 4 Audio, each of the various teams were able to communicate as they required.

These teams included Production, TV, Lighting, Visual Effects and Crane Operation and Safety Management.

The system was supported with a 28 strong, site wide antenna network with a management system for showtime piece of mind.

Producers: TBI Media

Director: Liz Clare
TV sound Sup: Garry Clarke
Music Sound Sup: Gareth Iles
Creative: Christian Storm
Lighting: Gurdip Mahal & PRG UK
Projection: Potion Pictures