Game Changing Remote Mix


Sam Ryder’s latest gig at London’s Lafayette was mixed for broadcast remotely in Spiritland’s King’s Cross studio by installing Yamaha Professional Audio DSP and Focusrite Pro Rednet equipment in Lafayette, enabling a full multi-channel live audio split to a Yamaha Rivage PM5.

Working in this way, the full range of audio tools across 120 channels was achieved without the need for an onsite mixing desk or suitable environment.

The delay between the remote live mix and delivery to Lafayette’s in-house audio desk was 60 milliseconds. Additionally, there were immediate two-way comms to Sam Ryder’s FoH and monitor engineers.

This method is not limited to stereo mixes, surround and Dolby Laboratories Atmos are also available. This can be achieved on a connection speed of less than 10Mbps, so is suitable for almost any venue, even those with no internet connectivity at all, as we can deploy bonded 5G/4G routers.

“It’s a game changer” says Antony Shaw, Co-Founding Director at Spiritland Productions, “It allows us to mix venues remotely in a proper studio with very low data rates required, the results were fantastic.”

Venue Group / Lafayette’s Head of Production Chris Pollard said: “Introducing the possibility of an isolated broadcast quality audio mix over IP from a packed out 600 cap venue is an incredible offering to the artist. Partnering with Spiritland Productions allows us to scale up and offer a full broadcast solution that elevates the production value way beyond a standard venue live stream”.

Vision for Spiritland Production’s live mix engineer was delivered over a fast video link from Lafayette’s multi-camera PTZ solution. This enabled any changes with onstage action to be addressed immediately.

Lafayette’s in-house camera system consists of five Panasonic Broadcast & ProAV Europe PTZ AW-UE150 4K cameras, positioned for optimum live shots of stage, with two TECHNO POINT LTD Tuning dolly’s for sweeping horizontal shots and vertical movement, tied back to a Blackmagic Design video suite located back of house with everything you need to capture and stream live from the Venue.

The partnership between Lafayette and Spiritland Productions is a game changer, offering broadcast quality live audio mixing. Artists will be able to receive a world class live audio product without the need for a large onsite audio install / de-rig – saving time and money, whilst increasing quality.