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The Chefs’ Manifesto Podcast

The Chefs’ Manifesto Podcast is a resource for chefs to share stories of action on sustainable development tied to the UN SDGs through the Chefs’ Manifesto community.

The first series is hosted by Chef Tom Hunt and features a total of 9 episodes, each covering one of the 8 thematic areas of the Chefs’ Manifesto. The episodes consist of Chef-to-Chef conversations bookended with contributions, quotes and stories from relevant experts.

All episodes recorded, edited, mixed and produced by Spiritland Productions.

Audio Editing & Post Podcasts Studio

Foodtalk Podcast

The FoodTalk Radio Show was founded by Sue Nelson, CEO of The Breakthrough Group, author of Foodtech UK and founder of TLA FoodTech and she presents alongside Ollie Lloyd, co-founder and CEO of Great British Chefs and Holly Shackleton, Editor of Speciality Food Magazine. The programme was launched in March 2016 to showcase food tech, food innovation and to promote artisan producers. Food and drink experts from around the country also discuss the latest trends in everything from distribution and delivery, to taste profiles and tech innovation. 

There is a growing “foodtech” scene, where small producers are successfully gaining supermarket listings or delivering to retail/restaurant outlets and selling direct to consumers online. The FoodTalk Show wants to showcase these producers and the whole food tech infrastructure surrounding it, giving food innovators the profile and ‘airtime’ they deserve.

The show is recorded and edited at Spiritland Studio KX.