DLMDD – Orchestral Scoring Session at LSO St Lukes

After receiving a call from specialist music agency DLMDD, Spiritland Productions were more than happy to provide a full solution to record the English Session Orchestra in one of London’s finest venues, LSO St Lukes. The brief was simple – to record cuts for an advert to picture with a 35 piece orchestra on location but with all of the facilities you would usually have in a recording studio.

With Spiritland One parked outside and our SSL SB32.24 preamps patched up in the hall, we provided 35 ways of wireless click track for the musicians, 10 ways of wired headphones for the client, HD picture playback for client and conductor, a collection of high quality orchestral mics from Neumann, Schoeps and DPA, wireless Riedel talkback for the conductor and a lot of quality coffee.

Once the morning recording session was finished we derigged the hall in under an hour which allowed the client to book a half day session rental, something not usually available in a commercial studio. We then spent a few hours in the truck tweaking the mix with the client and composer and provided final mixes and stems to the post house. All that was left to do was to pull the power and drive on to the next job!

Rohan De Livera, Composer said: “Spiritland came to the rescue when we needed an orchestral session for a recent TV project and found all of the traditional London studios unavailable. Spiritland One made LSO St Lukes and its beautiful acoustic our studio.  They gave me exactly the sound I asked for. Their team was at the top of their game throughout set up, recording, and mix-down.”